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Thursday review: A natural choice for moms, babies

All-natural, vegan skin care company hellomellow recently released a line of products for babies and pregnant women featuring its trademark avocado-mango butter. (Photo courtesy of 9SPR)

Forget pink and blue. The new baby color is green.

Whether it's an organic cotton blanket, bamboo cloth diaper or BPA-free bottle, environmentally friendly products are all the rage for many health- and eco-conscious mamas and papas.

All-natural, vegan body product company hellomellow has two new lines - kiddo and preggo - geared for these soon-to-be moms and parents of newborns.

The Culver City, Calif., company's hand-blended avocado-mango butter finds its way into a diaper rash bum butter, baby massage oil and dry-skin eraser for babies, as well as a no itch and stretch mark butter, body oil, lip butter and "boobie butter" for pregnant women.

The lines also include a preggo body scrub and foot soak, and for kids, essential oil "sleepy time spray" and "stink away spray," which "removes questionable odors and moods," according to the hellomellow website.

The company touts the products are made with only baby and mommy-to-be safe ingredients, and packaged in recyclable bottles.

I tested samples of the kiddo massage oil, bum butter and dry skin eraser on my 7-month-old son. Each has a pleasant aroma - citrus notes and a bit musky.

As I'm more partial to creamy diaper rash creams, the bum butter seemed a bit greasy at first, but did help clear up small spots of redness and irritation. The oil also felt a bit greasy - a little certainly went a long way - but my son enjoyed the massage and smelled yummy afterward.

Definitely the most innovative product in the kiddo line is the dry skin eraser, designed to soothe drool-irritated and dry, chapped skin.

In an oval twist-up lip balm tube, it's a handy product to carry in a purse, and easy to apply to those sore, red cheeks (as long as you can dodge baby's eager, rooting mouth). Right after I spread some on Owen's cheeks, they reddened. But a few hours later, they were as smooth as a baby's ... well, you know.

It's a niche product with mass appeal, and I'm surprised other baby care companies haven't come up with something like it already.

Though I'm not currently preggo, I tested a few of those products as well, and enjoyed the same aromatherapy qualities as in the kiddo line. The lip and stretch mark butter felt nourishing. The body oil was a bit cloudy and seemed to separate - a tell-tale sign of a product free of preservatives.

According to a hellomellow brochure, the company's products contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors, thickeners, emulsifiers, fillers or synthetic fragrances.

But you pay a price for products that shun artificiality. The body oils and diaper rash bum and body butter sell for $22 each at The sleepy time spray is $14. The dry skin eraser is $9, and may be worth it in our harsh climate.

The company also offers on-the-go gift sets, for $38 or $40. They may be a good baby shower gift for green moms-to-be.