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Going green need not cost more green: Here are 20 inexpensive, eco-friendly ideas

Installing extensive solar panels or switching to organically grown food are ways to be green, but such decisions can prove costly. Fortunately, there are many other ways to go green without spending much.

1. Wash laundry in cold water. Only use warm water when washing heavily soiled items

2. Clean filters in the car and home routinely. Clean filters enable items to operate more efficiently.

3. Turn down the temperature on the water heater.

4. Recycle everything that you can. If your town or city doesn't collect recyclables, bring them to the transfer or recycling center.

5. Buy recycled products.

6. Switch to a low-flow toilet or place a water-filled plastic bottle in the toilet tank to cut down on the amount of water used.

7. Remove excess items, including golf clubs or fishing gear, from a car trunk to improve fuel efficiency.

8. Consider using public transportation. Oftentimes it's less expensive than commuting by car.

9. If possible, walk or bike to work instead of driving.

10. Work more from home if your company allows it.

11. When cooking smaller meals, save energy by using a microwave or toaster oven.

12. Mend clothing before buying new items.

13. See if appliances or other items can be fixed before you shop for new things.

14. Use a water filter on your faucet instead of purchasing bottled water.

15. Compost food scraps for the garden.

16. Donate items that you no longer need or use.

17. Skip take-out food or convenience items, which use a lot of packaging and mass-produced meats.

18. Grow your own food and herbs in a backyard garden.

19. Bathe young children together to reduce water consumption.

20. Put on or remove layers of clothing instead of adjusting the thermostat in the house.