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Weather Talk: String of warm autumns could be ending this year

A year ago, Fargo-Moorhead had yet to hit 80 degrees. That would come on Memorial Day, which was on May 30 last year. May 2011 would be our sixth straight month with below-average temperatures, and all of those months, with the exception of February, had above-average precipitation.

June was certainly not a hot month last year, but it did finish 0.8 degrees above average. Granted, that would be considered an average month, but it was still a change from the cold pattern that had dominated the region.

The summer would go on to be slightly above average, including the month of September. Then from October to the present, with very few exceptions, this area has recorded temperatures well above average.

This pattern will probably come to an end in the upcoming months, with perhaps a slow decline to normal, then a period of below-average temperatures, which would mean our string of warm autumns could be ending this year.

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