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DFLers travel to Wisconsin to help with recall vote

ST. PAUL - Dozens of DFL volunteers boarded buses this morning at the party's headquarters, bound for Eau Claire, Wis. where they will spend the day canvassing to help Wisconsin Democrats get out the vote in the special election to recall Governor Scott Walker.

According to a DFL news release, Fifth District Congressman Keith Ellison and DFL Party Chair Ken Martin led a sendoff rally for the volunteers.

Kicking off the rally, Martin said, "Over a year ago, our neighbors in Wisconsin witnessed an outright attack on workers and middle class Americans and today is the day we can show people that working Americans refuse to sit on the sidelines and let elected leaders like Scott Walker attempt to destroy the middle class.

"We are fortunate to have a leader in Governor Dayton who has stood up for the middle class, but our neighbors in Wisconsin have not been so fortunate. We stand in solidarity and offer our resources to help elect a leader who will fight for workers and help build a stronger middle class in Wisconsin - and that leader is Tom Barrett.

"This is a critical election for Wisconsin and our country as a whole. We must do our part to hold leaders like Scott Walker accountable for their attacks on workers, women and education. We are proud to send so many enthusiastic volunteers to Eau Claire today to help our neighbors show the rest of America that we will not tolerate the destructive priorities of a Governor who is only focused on protecting corporate interests and the wealthiest citizens."

Congressman Keith Ellison fired up volunteers as well, adding, "The people of Wisconsin will send a message today that no one has a mandate to wage war on middle class and working families -- no matter what the outcome of the recall election may be.

"I am honored to send off so many volunteers to get out the vote in Wisconsin. After all, Minnesotans always help our neighbors when they are in need. Had it not been for the hard work, commitment, and dedication of thousands of volunteers throughout Minnesota in 2010, our state could very well have faced a similar fate as Wisconsin -- only without a recall election option."