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Frazee-Vergas School District computer system going virtual

Frazee-Vergas School District is virtually going virtual. Because of the ever- changing technology, Frazee District is keeping up, and making things easier, by becoming a virtual school, going from 14 servers to three with more space on them and room to grow, more back-up options and providing more time for IT Director Gretchen Norby to work on other technology projects.

Marco representative Dan Pflepson, who will be taking care of the virtualization project for the district along with Norby, explained to the school board Tuesday morning how the three servers will form a "private cloud" for the district that will have more space and abilities than the current servers.

Pretty much "every server project has a piece of virtualization to it," he said.

With constant technology updates, a server like the district has now uses has a lifespan of about 36 months. The virtual servers will have a life span of about 6-7 years.

The 14 servers the district has are housed in three different locations including the old administrative building across the street, the elementary school and the high school.

The new servers will all be housed in the high school.

Also, Norby said, when one server goes down now, there is a bit a turnaround time before she can get it fixed and up and running again. With the new virtual servers, if one crashes, the other two are able to pick up the workload almost immediately.

Norby said that with that time saved from having to spend so much time working on servers, she will be freed up to work with one-on-one technology projects the school is talking about getting into to stay competitive and current.

The cost for replacing the servers and going virtual is estimated at $60,000.

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