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Frazee School looking to add fitness room, possibly for public

The Frazee-Vergas School District may be getting a fitness area soon, which it will likely share with the public.

Superintendent Chuck Cheney said teacher Jim Rader was approached by a community member about receiving $25,000 in fitness equipment for the district.

The next step would be deciding where the equipment could be physically located in the high school.

There was discussion of housing the fitness equipment in the nurse's room. Opening the wall between the nurse's room and the weight room would require some extra work because it is a load-bearing wall. And while people have offered to donate their time to get a fitness room ready, there would be costs to taking out a wall.

Cheney said another option is to have the fitness room in the teachers' lounge and move that to a different location.

He said it would be best for the buildings and grounds committee to take a look at the issue and find the best location for the fitness room and bring back a recommendation to the school board for approval.

Another issue the board will have to decide is "how limited should we be in how far we can take this," Cheney added, meaning opening the room up to the public when students wouldn't be using it full-time.

Board member Dana Laine said appreciated having the committee look into public usage of the facility because it would benefit the community and the school.

Other agenda items

• The board approved several fee increases in the district for next school year. School lunch prices increased 10 cents for both students and adults. The district is required to increase the meals 10 cents this year.

The cost of renting the gymnasiums also increased to $75 a day per gym. It was $50 and the district felt that was too low.

The substitute teacher pay rate also increased. It jumped $10 a day -- from $85 to $95. Cheney said that keeps Frazee District in the middle of area districts. Menahga is at $100 a day, Detroit Lakes is $106, New York Mills is $95 and Perham is $89.43.

• Since the custodial contract has ended with Marsden, the district has been interviewing custodians and Cheney said they will be in place July 1-15.

There will also be a company coming to the district to try and improve the gymnasium floors, which the district has had problems with them being too slippery for quite some time. The floors will be fixed July 2-16.

After Marsden finished with the district, Cheney said there have been some "glitches" as to whether items that were the district's to begin with disappeared when the Marsden contract was up. He said it wasn't any large equipment, but rather items like wheeled garbage cans, dust mops, etc.

Cheney said Marsden representatives have been "very cooperative," trying to figure out what items belonged to whom, but either the district will get the items back or it will withhold a portion of the final payment to the company to replace the missing items.

• The board approved changing the number of students missing from school for a state tournament from 80 to 55.

The board discussed several months ago about changing the number of students making the trek to a state meet -- as fans, not participants -- to a lower number before canceling school for the day. If the threshold of students is met, the district has the option of canceling school but doesn't necessarily have to.

Board member Steve Jepson said that for instance, if the district had already missed multiple days for snow, they wouldn't have to cancel school for the state trip. The 55 students is simply a trigger for the district to consider canceling school for the day.

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