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Garden Shed

Various garden tools that can cause clutter if left out.

You're an avid gardener, with a plethora of tools and equipment to prove it. Your garage, in fact, is bursting at the seams with all of your gardening gadgets, and your family is starting to yell about all of the clutter. It's high time you got organized and looked into the purchase of a garden shed.

Garden sheds come in all styles and sizes from small, plastic, freestanding units to large, wooden, bi-leveled barns. You will want a style that complements your landscape and is large enough to accommodate your storage needs.

To determine the style and size of garden shed you will need, first weed through your garden tools and equipment to see what you plan to keep and to store. You may discover you don't need a shed after all or need a rather large shed with a workbench for the multiple projects you've always got going on. Next, check out your landscape to determine where the shed would go and what materials would hold up best there. If you live in area that receives a lot of rain, a metal garden shed might not be a good idea. Finally, review any ordinances in place on garden sheds. You may need approval from your homeowner's association as well as the city. You might even need a permit.

When you have a style and size in mind, you can start the actual shopping. Look online as well as in-store. You will find a wide range of styles from freestanding units to kits to install to ready-made buildings you can buy onsite and have moved to your landscape. Should you go with the latter, make sure the delivery truck can get to the shed site. Depending upon how handy you are, you might even want to build your own garden shed. There are several building plans available.

Budget, of course, will always be a factor, and you should shop around for the best price. Should you choose to build your own garden shed, make sure you take everything into account from the shingles to the foundation. Many garden shed kits call for a foundation. Make sure you accommodate for that in your budget.

Garden sheds can make for a great asset to your home and more room in your garage. Just make sure you do your homework and find the right style and size for you. Garden sheds can be expensive, and this is one decision you don't want to live to regret. Once all is said and done and everything is in place, make sure you lock it all up to deter thieves, youngsters and anyone else you want to keep out.