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DL to join Yellow Ribbon campaign

Becker County is home to some 3,300 veterans --more than 10 percent of its population -- and the Army National Guard Armory in Detroit Lakes is home to a Red Bulls infantry company, which fought during some of the toughest years in the long Iraq War.

So it's only natural that Detroit Lakes should join the Yellow Ribbon Network, a lifeline for military families feeling isolated or abandoned in their communities.

Gov, Mark Dayton will be in Detroit Lakes Aug. 22 for a 3 p.m. ceremony at the Pavilion to inaugurate the city -- and a half dozen other cities in the area -- into the Yellow Ribbon program.

Dayton will be accompanied by Major General Richard C. Nash, the current adjutant general of the Minnesota National Guard.

Detroit Lakes will be part of the Yellow Ribbon of the Lake group, which will serve all past and present military service people and their families.

The idea behind the Yellow Ribbon program is to provide support where needed.

In Farmington, which helped pioneer the program in 2006, Yellow Ribbon volunteers helped families of military people deployed overseas.

They cleaned, raked, brought meals to be frozen for later, took loads of clothes to a coin laundry -- even did minor home repairs and helped families relocate.

The idea is to be a support system and help military families in any way necessary -- whether a member is gone on deployment or is home again.

The Becker County Veterans Service Office will hold a veterans fair the day of the ceremony to make people aware of services that are available.

The Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce is involved in planning the Yellow Ribbon event.

Chamber President Carrie Johnston said those willing to volunteer for the event should call the chamber at 847-9202.