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Beast Mode Challenge added to Turkey Days

Myrel Schermerhorn

The 2012 Myrel Schermerhorn Beast Mode Challenge is not one for the weary.

New this year in remembrance of the Frazee-Vergas High School student who died in a car accident in December, the Beast Mode Challenge will take place on July 28 during Frazee Turkey Days.

Get into beast mode and compete for a chance at the grand prize of a $1,000 scholarship and other prizes. Participants can compete in teams of four or individually. Challenge activities include sit ups, push ups, one-mile run and pull ups (or bent-arm hang for women individuals and all-female teams).

Each member of a four-person team will participate in one event. Three participants on the team will have 2.5 minutes to do as many repetitions as they can in their event for the pull ups, sit ups and push ups. The fourth member of the team will do the one-mile run.

For individuals, they will complete all four events by themselves and again have 2.5 minutes to do as many reps as they can in each event, with 30 second breaks in between each event.

According to the website, "The whole point of this challenge is to go until the point of exhaustion, and then push yourself to try to do more before you run out of time. Pushing yourself through those last few reps is what Myrel defined as going into 'beast mode.'"

Scoring for the challenge is to have the lowest score possible.

Scorekeepers will take the time from the one-mile run and then subtract one second for every repetition completed in the pull up, sit up and push up events. Women individual competitors and all-female teams will do a bent arm hang instead of pull ups, and each second of the arm hang subtracts 1 second off your time.

Participants must be enrolled in college for the fall of 2012 semester to be eligible. There will be a $500 scholarship given out as well.

Cost for the challenge is $10 for individuals or $30 for teams of four. Registration fees can be paid the morning of the challenge at the Frazee High School football field or mailed to Beast Mode Challenge, 19827 Cty Hwy 29, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501.

Other prizes include one-of-a-kind sweatshirts to the top winners, and door prizes will be randomly drawn. Pre-register by July 20 at for a chance at extra prizes.

Registration the day of the challenge, July 28, is from 7 to 8:30 a.m. at the football field. The challenge starts immediately after registration.

For more information, e-mail