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Filing closes tuesday at city, school level - 1st step for candidates

Thinking about running for office? Filing for area school boards and city councils is now open and will be until Aug. 14.

Here's an update:

DL City Council, mayor

So far, most of the incumbents have filed for re-election in Detroit Lakes.

The Detroit Lakes City Council seats for first ward, second ward, third ward and alderman at large and the mayor position are open. All are four-year terms.

Those currently in the positions include Mayor Matt Brenk, first ward alderman Ron Zeman, second ward alderman Jamie Marks Erickson, third ward alderman Marty Waller and alderman at large Bruce Imholte.

Waller, Zeman, Brenk and Marks Erickson have all filed for re-election as of Tuesday morning.

Filing fee is $5.

Vergas City Council, mayor

There are three seats available during this year's election in Vergas -- the mayor and two city council seats -- and only one person has filed thus far.

Holding those seats now are Dean Haarstick as mayor, and Paul Pinke and Kevin Zitzow as council members.

As of Tuesday, Zitzow has filed for re-election.

The mayor position is a two-year term, and the council positions are four-year terms.

Cost to file for Vergas council and mayor is $2.

Frazee City Council

There will be two seats up for election this November in Frazee.

Those holding the two spots now are Donna Ouart and Dave Jopp. The positions are four-year terms.

So far, Ouart has filed for re-election.

Filing fee is $3.

Detroit Lakes School Board

There are three open seats on the seven-person Detroit Lakes School Board this time around.

Seats currently held by Dr. Tom Seaworth, Tom Klyve and Ladd Lyngaas are all up for grabs.

So far, only Lyngaas has filed for re-election.

The terms are for four years; there is a $2 filing fee.

Waubun-Ogema-White Earth School Board

Three out of the seven seats that make up the Waubun-Ogema-White Earth School District are open, including those currently held by Tom Teiken, Joe McArthur and Allen Haugo.

The cost to file for these seats is $2; they are also four year terms.

Frazee-Vergas School Board

The filings for Frazee-Vergas School Board closed last month. The district opened filings for the primary election but didn't have enough people file to warrant holding a primary.

There are three positions up for election on the school board this fall. Board members currently holding those positions are Dana Laine, Steve Jepson and Keith Janu.

Candidates who filed for the positions are Jepson, Laine, Amie Erickson, Tammie Nunn, Mary Lepisto and Don Trieglaff.

Audubon City Council, mayor

There are two seats up for grabs on the Audubon City Council this fall, as well as the mayor's position.

Incumbents who currently hold those seats include Jeff Quam, mayor, and Jason Leucuta, council member.

Leucuta has filed for reelection. Tony Gordon has also filed for city council.

The other open position was held by Robert Goodrich, but he resigned his seat on the council last month.

The mayor's position is a two-year term, while the council seats are both for four years.

Cost to file for either of the two open council positions, or for mayor, is $2.

Lake Park City Council, mayor

No filing update is available for Lake Park.

There will be three open positions on the ballot for the Lake Park city elections in November -- one is the mayor's seat, and the other two are on the city council.

Holding those seats now are Keith Zachariason as mayor, and Jason Crabtree and Jason Abbott on the council. All three open positions are four-year terms, and the cost to file for each of them is $2.

Lake Park-Audubon School Board

There will be three open seats on the seven-person Lake Park-Audubon School Board come November.

As of Tuesday, nobody had filed yet, including incumbents.

Board members whose positions will be up for grabs are Bryan Anderson, Dale Binde and Darrel Pederson.

The terms are for four years, and the filing fee for each is $2.

Ogema City Council, mayor

The mayor position held by Eugene Clark Jr. will be on the ballot.

Paul Williams has filed for that position. No one else had filed for any position as of Tuesday.

Also on the ballot will be council positions held by clerk Mary Vasecka and council member LaVerne Hoban. All are four-year terms.

There will also be a two-year term on the ballot. Council member James Horack died in February and his seat was temporarily filled by Phil Dassinger.

There is a $2 filing fee.

Waubun City Council, mayor

The mayor position and two council seats are up for election this November. No filing update is available for Waubun.

Andrew Berg is currently serving as mayor. Former mayor Sue Trnka resigned several months ago because she planned to move to Detroit Lakes for work and school reasons. That position is a two-year term.

The seats held by Dean Bishop and newly-appointed council member Betsy McDougall will also be up. Those are four-year terms. The filing fee is $2.

Callaway City Council, mayor

The mayor position and two city council seats are up for election in November.

All three incumbents have filed for re-election.

Gretchen Stalboerger is currently mayor. The position is a two-year term.

City council is a 4-year position. Dale Boyer and Emily Annette currently hold those positions.

The filing fee is $2.