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United Methodist Church

Corner of Corbett & Pembina Trail

Three blocks south of the Best Western Holland House

Detroit Lakes

(218) 847-4818


"Blessed to be a Blessing"

Rev. Brenda North

Lisa Braun, Ministry Coordinator

Nikki Larsen, Director of Children & Youth

Ellen Kensinger, Secretary

Jane Ballard, Organist

Diane Jordan, Choral Director

Ted and Marvel Sims, Custodians

OFFICE HOURS: Mon-Th 8am-2:30pm & Fri 8-Noon

Worship: 8:15 am "Casual" service in our Fellowship Hall • 10:30 am Traditional Service

Summer Worship: 8:15 am & 10:00 am

(Memorial Day through Labor Day)

Small Blessings Childcare/Preschool

Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Director: LeAnn Graham

(218) 844-4817

We are a missionary force of Christians inviting persons into a relationship with Jesus Christ, nurturing their growth, and sending them to transform the world.


While a congregation simply cannot have a single theology (owing to the diversity of each member), we do experience common ground in describing our faith. Each community takes on its own particular theological personality; important phrases, images, themes, words, assumptions, discernments and habits of the heart tend to emerge and govern the whole body's theology.

Our theological personality as a congregation tends to reflect the


• God is the "Ground of Being" itself, "in which we live and move and have our being."

• Incarnation: God's self is embedded in all creation.

• A faith relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

• We find our true lives in the mystery of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

• An understanding of ourselves as God's "beloved" daughters and sons.

• Commitment to cooperating in, recognizing and building God's Reign in our midst by: our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service.

• God's Kingdom is not in some distant future, but in our midst, "has come near."

• God's self revelation is multi-dimensional, and is found at least in these authorities; Scripture, Church Tradition/Teaching, Reason, Our Experience, Creation.

• Faith is defined as a "relationship with" rather than "belief in" God.

• Tolerance/Acceptance of those who differ.

• Diverse images/names of God (not only male names/images).

• Appreciation of John Wesley's "Plan of Salvation";

Prevenient Grace ¯ Justifying Grace ¯ Sanctifying Grace

• Transformation or Sanctification (the process of becoming more whole/holy) is our life-long privilege as God's beloved children.

• Salvation is a community experience as well as individual.

• Emphasis on hospitality, openness - rather than purity & separation.

• Belief that God is a God of abundance, and that we are "Blessed, to be a blessing."

• Full assent to the early Wesleyan phrase;

"In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity."

Come, join us in transformation & ministry!