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Crime and Accidents

The following items were taken from reports at the Detroit Lakes Police Department and Becker County Sheriff's Department:

Friday, Aug. 17

• At 9:25 a.m. the theft of a cordless drill and several prescription medications was reported from a vehicle parked on Rivercrest Drive in Frazee.

• At 10:12 a.m. vandalism was reported at the horse barn in the Becker County Fairgrounds. Eleven gates on the west side of the structure were broken. Extra patrols were requested.

• At 11:07 a.m. a resident on the 13000 block of County Road 5, Lake Park, reported that several mailboxes had been damaged by a vehicle that went in the ditch.

• At 12:55 p.m. an assault that occurred overnight was reported in the old Projects area at Pine Point. A woman there drove the victim to the Park Rapids hospital.

• At 1:42 p.m. a sexual assault was reported in Burlington Township.

• At 3:07 p.m. two bicycles were reported stolen from behind a house on the 1700 block of East Shore Drive.

• At 5:54 p.m. a resident on the 23000 block of Wine Lake Road reported that someone had rummaged through the house and outbuildings.

• At 7:26 p.m. a Detroit Lakes woman reported that an ex-boyfriend was trying to run her off the road on Highway 34 westbound.

• At 9:20 p.m. a resident on the 29000 block of County Road 54 reported "lots of gunshots" southeast of the residence.

Saturday, Aug. 18

• At 10:06 a.m. a man on the 400 block of East Main Avenue in Frazee reported that tires on his camper had been slashed again.

• At 12:41 p.m. a woman on Beaver Trail, White Earth, reported being assaulted.

• At 10:19 p.m. a White Earth woman reported a break-in occurred while she was away from her residence on the 36000 block of County Road 21.

Sunday, Aug. 19

• At 4:04 a.m. the theft of a spare tire from a pickup truck was reported outside the Frazee police department.

• At 12:18 p.m. a 21-year-old White Earth woman reported she had been walking home on County Road 129 on the east side of Pine Point when she was hit by a green car and then assaulted by its occupants, who stole her cell phone.

• At 12:30 p.m. a woman on the 400 block of West Lake Drive reported the theft of a carved cedar eagle and a patio furniture cushion, taken from the patio overnight.

• At 1:03 p.m. a Citizen brand watch was reported stolen from a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot.

• At 4:06 p.m. a resident on the 200 block of Curry Avenue reported a mink in the garage. Police advised that the mink be left alone with the door open overnight so it could leave. If not, they were advised to call animal control in the morning.

• At 8:06 p.m. a woman at Riverview Terrace mobile home park reported a burglary, with tools and other items stolen.

Monday, Aug. 20

• At 9:32 a.m. vandalism was reported at the 4-H building and kitchen area at the fairgrounds. Sometime over the weekend, a garden hose connected to the outside of the building was shoved under the door and turned on, causing flooding and water damage inside the building.

• At 11:18 a.m. the self-service laundry at Food N Fuel reported that someone left a homemade wooden cross with plastic flowers outside the building overnight.

• At 2:06 p.m. a Barnesville man reported the theft of a Mole trail camera from the 12000 block of 11th Ave. S.E. in Detroit Township.

• At 5:31 p.m. a White Earth resident reported that a man assaulted a woman who caught him rummaging through a vehicle in a garage on the 31000 block of County Road 133, across from the old post office.