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Rotary helping to brighten someone's day with roses

Breakfast Rotarians Mike Murphy and Val Voigt are already having fun with the fundraiser, Roses for Rotary, which raises money for local youth organizations. Tickets are available now for $20 per dozen roses, which can be picked up Nov. 1-3. Photo by - Paula Quam1 / 2
A a dozen red roses. Photo by - Paula Quam2 / 2

I love you.

I desire you.

Thank you.

You're my friend.

We are now united.

There are so many messages that roses carry with them as they are handed from one person to another, and once again, the Detroit Lakes Breakfast Rotary Club is sending a message of its own: We care about this community.

They're sending this message as they gear up for the 20th annual Roses for Rotary fundraiser.

The event is happening now, as Rotarians sell $20 tickets that are good for one dozen roses, which is less than half the normal price.

The fresh tropical flowers, which are being flown in from Ecuador, will then be ready for pick-up on Nov. 1-3 at three different locations: DL Floral & Gift located at the corner of Holmes Street and Washington Avenue, Bergens on West Willow Street and Heart 'O Lakes Realty in Frazee.

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time either at DL Floral & Gift or from any of the 75 Breakfast Rotarians.

"But we also do a lot of walk-ins during those days too, so you don't necessarily need to get tickets ahead of time," said Detroit Lakes Breakfast Rotarian Mike Murphy.

Murphy says the roses fundraiser has been their biggest fundraiser for 20 years now and has raised a lot of money for local youth organizations and charities.

"Every penny we make from this goes back into the community," said Murphy, who adds that some of the money raised last year helped the Detroit Lakes Robotics team get to its competition, in addition to helping hospice, the Becker County Food Pantry and Dollars for Scholars.

Murphy also adds that the dates of the pick-up are by no coincidence.

"It's the first weekend of deer hunting," Murphy said, "so how great would be for some of these men -- before they head out to deer camp on Friday -- to get their wives or girlfriends a dozen roses to let them know that they're still thinking about them that weekend."

Murphy says that first weekend in November can often be cloudy and gloomy, and says roses are a good way to brighten up somebody's day.

But a rose isn't a rose, isn't a rose.

Roses for Rotary will offer a variety of colors, all of which mean different things.

A red rose simply means "I love you," a deep pink rose means "thank you," a regular pink rose means "happiness," a light pink rose offers "sympathy," a white rose represents "innocence and purity," a yellow rose symbolizes "friendship," a lavender rose is a symbol for "falling in love," a orange rose is symbolic of "desire," a blue rose symbolizes "mystery or attaining the impossible," a mixture of white and red roses means "unity," and a black rose -- well, they will not have any black roses for sale.

They will, however, have 700 dozen of the other colors available for purchase.

"But if we run out, we do have ways of getting a quick 200 dozen more," said Murphy.

Val Voigt, owner of DL Flower & Gift, says giving roses doesn't have to only last a couple of days.

"If they're taken care of properly, they can last up to two weeks," she said, suggesting using the preservative they give with the flowers and to keep them in a cool place.

"And really, you're doubling your dollars because you're not just getting flowers, you're getting a happy community."

For more information or to order the roses to be placed in an arrangement with a vase, call DL Floral & Gift at 844-5860.