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Minnesota's polling places are accessible

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie reminds voters that Minnesota polling places are fully accessible to elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.

"Polling locations must be fully accessible and provide at least one parking space for persons with disabilities near the accessible entrance and election officials must provide assistance when requested," said Secretary Ritchie.

Individuals with disabilities and seniors need to know that they will be able to vote independently and privately on Election Day. Every polling place will have an AutoMARK ballot marking device to assist them. Voters who need assistance but choose not to use the AutoMARK can request help from an individual of their choice with the exception of the following: an employer, agent of an employer, officer or agent of their union, or a candidate for election. A voter may also request assistance from two election judges who are members of different political parties.

A voter who is unable to enter the polling place can ask for the ballot to be brought out to their vehicle. Two election judges from different political parties will bring the voting materials out to assist the voter.

There are several organizations that will provide rides for voters to their polling locations on Election Day including political parties and the non-partisan Rides to the Polls Coalition. Information about scheduling a ride to a polling place is available at

"All eligible voters are entitled to exercise their right to vote and Minnesota's election officials are committed to providing accessible and efficient polling locations," said Secretary Ritchie. "I encourage every voter to go to the polls and have their voice heard on November 6. "