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Green beats Sailer; Skoe, Marquart keep their seats

Races for some Minnesota state legislative seats proved to be neck in neck for area candidates and a virtual walk in the park for others.

Green beats Sailer

Republican Steve Green surprised some when he received enough votes to defeat DFL'er Brita Sailer for the seat in district 2B.

A Fosston native, Green took 9,759 votes or 51 percent, while Sailer, of Park Rapids, barely trailed him with 9,376 votes or 49 percent.

There were 15 write-in votes.

It remained close in Becker County for the two candidates, but Green still took it locally with 52 percent to Sailer's 48 percent.

Skoe defeats Moser

In the race for Minnesota District 2, incumbent Democrat Rod Skoe of Clearbrook came out on top, holding onto his state congressional seat with 21,269 votes or 55 percent to Republican Dennis Moser's 17,423 votes or 45 percent.

There were 38 write-in votes.

In Becker County, it was slightly closer with Skoe coming in at 51 percent and Moser at 49 percent.

Marquart beats Sandman

Dilworth Democrat Paul Marquart walked away with an expected win in House District 4B, taking 12,634 votes or 65 percent. His challenger, Republican Paul Sandman of Hawley came in with about half of that at 6,719 votes or 35 percent.

There were 19 write-in votes.

Marquart also took Becker County, but not quite as easily, as the incumbent came in with 56 percent of the votes to Sandman's 44 percent.