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Turkey gobbled up lots of love in Glyndon

GLYNDON, Minn. - Rothsay has the Prairie Chicken. New Salem has the Holstein Cow. Glyndon had Roger the Turkey.

They are in mourning on Highway 10. Glyndon's famous turkey that, for the last few months, has trotted down Highway 10, was hit and killed on the same road he ruled all summer and fall.

Roger the Turkey sure was loved.

The nosy, handsome bird loved to hang out on Highway 10 right in Glyndon, sometimes halting lake traffic.

But he was a friendly, feathered turkey. 911 dispatchers would even put out a KRS alert to police and deputies. Keep Roger Safe.

"Running radar one day, and he looked out the window, here was Roger looking in the passenger window, then face to face with him in the driver's window," said Glyndon Police Chief Mike Klein.

Roger even assisted police on traffic stops along Highway 10.

"Chex Mix, and after that day all my officers fed him, so when he saw a squad car he ran up to the squad car, so if you were on a traffic stop, we had back up. Roger was back up," Kline said.

There is not only mourning on main street but at the elementary school where Roger was popular with the children.

A Thanksgiving wall of turkeys at the school sure seems like a fitting tribute to Roger, now buried out in the country. Some of his feathers saved for those who loved him best.

Even Minnesota Sporting Journal writer Bret Amundson wrote about his run in with Roger, taking these great photos of the bird.

"We would feed him too, just like everyone else," said Larry Fiala, a retired postmaster.

And people like Fiala will remember the day Roger trotted right inside the mailroom.

"Just kind of looking around, yeah," Fiala said.

He leaves a legacy. The turkey tom that showed up one day with a flock of other birds, decided to stay behind by himself, and called this home.

The city of Glyndon also plans a special memorial to Roger on its website.