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LWV-Minnesota receives honor

The League of Women Veters-Minnesota has been named a 2012 "Changemaker" by the Minnesota Women's Press for its work in defeating the proposed "Voter ID" constitutional amendment at the November election.

The amendment, which was termed by the League as the "voter restriction" amendment, earned just 46 percent of the popular vote, well short of the 50 percent needed for passage.

The amendment was so termed by the League because its members were concerned passage of Voter ID would place unnecessary restrictions on the ability of certain segments of the population to vote -- particularly elderly women and victims of abuse, living in shelters.

The League's efforts included taking part in a lawsuit aimed at removing the amendment from the November ballot, on the premise that the wording of the question on the ballot was misleading. The Supreme Court denied the petition.

The League also was a leader in organizing a coalition of nonprofits to form the "Our Vote Our Future" campaign.

The Minnesota Women's Press gave the "Changemaker" award to those individuals and organizations in the state whose action "promoted greater self-determination, equality and justice for women and girls."