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Stitching a better world together

Members of the First Lutheran Quilters Group in Audubon include, Betty Krueger, front, and middle row from left, Lynn Larson, Dorothy Soyring, Joan Henderson, Lois Hass; back from left, Patty Nelson and Barb Bakken. Not pictured are Avis Hoffart and Marie Qualley. Submitted Photo

The First Lutheran Quilters Group in Audubon is doing their part to make the world a better place.

The group has taken on a sewing project for Essentia Health St. Mary's that involves not only giving, but recycling as well. New surgical tools at the hospital come wrapped in a fabric-like material. In the past, this material was thrown in the garbage.

But now, the First Lutheran Quilters are using this material to sew tote bags. These bags are then donated to parents of newborn babies so they can easily take home gifts and other belongings.

Besides the First Lutheran Quilters Group, there are several other ladies from the St. Mary's Volunteer Group that are helping with this project in their own homes. They are Dorene Engleson, Carla Forsythe, Annabelle Karel, Pearl Romann and Rosemary Segler.