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4-Hers help those in need

Height of Land 69'ers 4-H club members, front from left, Jacob Bertek and Taylor Christensen; back from left, Paige Saarinen, Kaitlyn Wurst, Blake Christensen, Isaac Wurst, Madelyn Kilde and Sarah Wendt raised money and went shopping for a Frazee family in need. Submitted Photo1 / 2
Paige Saarinen, from left, Madelyn Kilde and Angela Kilde helped go shopping for a Frazee family in need. Submitted Photo2 / 2

The Height of Land 69'ers 4-H Club of Becker County, led by Julie Yliniemi, voted to adopt a family from the Frazee Elementary School as part of Project Christmas for a community service activity.

The club members went shopping on Dec. 2 for a family with four children. Purchases were made of items for the family and then they were wrapped and given as Christmas gifts.

The club also had some members who showed even more generosity. Paige Saarinen, Madelyn Kilde and Angela Kilde are great-grandchildren of Myrel and Marie Schermerhorn.

Marie was a 4-H club leader in Becker County for the Erie Hi Liters for 40 years and also served as the County Needle Arts Project Leader. Myrel served as co-leader for the club and was the County Horse Project Leader as well.

Serving the community must run in their blood because their great-granddaughters exhibit generous and caring qualities we wish we would see demonstrated by people more often. They collected aluminum cans all summer long, and after recycling them decided to use the profits to give back to the their community through the Project Christmas program as well.

After providing for the Project Christmas family they decided to use the rest of their profits to purchase snowpants to be distributed to students needing them at Frazee Elementary.

It is wonderful to see the youth of today wanting to help others. We are proud to have the Height of Land 69'ers as a local club helping local community members this holiday season.