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DL man thinks big when he pops question

Colin Buschette proposed to his girlfriend Brittany Stang via a billboard outside Detroit Lakes. It was updated when she accepted the proposal.

If getting down on one knee isn't nerve-wracking enough, imagine a proposal that everyone in town can see.

In Detroit Lakes last weekend, a man asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage on a billboard along Highway 10 East.

When it's time to pop the question, you have to do it right.

So, Colin Buschette, 23, decided to propose to his girlfriend, Brittany Stang, 25, in a big way.

"I just wanted to do something big that everybody could see," Buschette said.

"I did not want to have it up early at all, in case one of her friends saw it and called her, like, 'hey, I saw the sign,' or something."

His brother-in-law works for a billboard company, and his family put the proposal sign up Saturday morning on the east end of town.

Then Buschette took Stang went for a drive.

"We were driving down the highway, and we stopped. She was just wondering what we stopped for and I pointed to the sign."

"So, I looked up, and there it was. I just sat there and screamed for five minutes," said Stang. "Then he was like, "Well..?" and I was like, "Well, duh -- yes!"

A little addition to the billboard, and it was official.

Stang says she's surprised Buschette went with such a public way of proposing.

"We went out with some friends last night," Stang said, "and they were like 'oh, my God, it's the billboard couple!'"

Their billboard will stay up for about a week, sharing their big news with everyone that passes by.

Buschette and Stang both live in St. Cloud, where he is a welder and she is a registered nurse. He is originally from Detroit Lakes. The two have been dating for about 14 months.

(Detroit Lakes Newspapers writer Nathan Bowe contributed to this WDAY TV story)