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Gym offers 'personal training in a group setting'

Joe and Leesa Lindgaard, who have been operating CrossFit Detroit Lakes in the former Caulfield photography building since October.

Opening a gym was a dream come true for Joe and Leesa Lindgaard, who have been operating CrossFit Detroit Lakes in the former Caulfield photography building since October.

"Fitness has always been a passion of mine," Joe Lindgaard said. "I like staying up on the most scientific ways to be fit, the best way to go about it."

CrossFit Detroit Lakes is affiliated with CrossFit Inc., a company founded 12 years ago that now has more than 4,000 affiliated gyms.

"It's basically personal training in a group setting," Lindgaard said. "It's not a gym where you're paying for access. You're paying to have a program for you... Basically, you're paying for professional training."

The CrossFit strength and conditioning program has been described as "constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement," with the goal of improving fitness.

It can be used by anyone from a high school athlete to a middle aged person wanting to stay in shape. The training occurs in a class setting, with members of varying abilities working out together.

"If you want to be an elite athlete or a soccer mom trying to keep up with the kids (the exercises are the same)," Lindgaard said. "I have a couple 50-something moms, they love it. For some people, a PVC pipe will be their barbell for the day, others will use up to 300 pounds.

"The exercises don't differ in kind, but in degree a little," he said.

A class last about an hour: Intense, short workouts -- usually about 20 minutes -- are sandwiched between warm-ups, stretching and skill development.

The demanding "workout of the day" combines movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, weightlifting and bodyweight exercises. Members use barbells, dumbbells, boxes for box jumps and other gym equipment.

Weights and exercises are adjusted for each member's ability.

"We're kind of a community where everybody is pulling for each other," Lindgaard said, "whether you're a fire-breather looking to hit it hard or a 52-year-old looking to become healthy."

Cost is $65 a month for three classes per week or $80 a month for unlimited classes. The gym is open Monday through Saturday. There are no long-term contracts or fees for quitting.

Joe is from Cambridge, Minn., and Leesa (originally Eilertson) is from Detroit Lakes.

"A dream came into reality," Joe said.

"I have some good brothers-in-law, they helped us out financially, and the Caulfields are friends of ours and helped us out financially with space," he said. "Friends and family joined and helped us out."

Joe has been CrossFitting for about two years, and became a certified CrossFit coach in March. Leesa became certified two months ago.

They can be reached by phone at 763-221-4609, or visit their website at