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DL Chiropractic now has protein weight loss plan

Tasha Glander and Dr. Thomas Wilson

Detroit Lakes Chiropractic Clinic is offering a supervised weight loss program.

According to Dr. Thomas Wilson, the medically designed protocol is a four-phase method, which works to stabilize blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other tissue.

With this method, participants are provided valuable nutritional and dietary knowledge to help maintain results.

A variety of Ideal protein food products such as soups, shake mixes, drinks, puddings, oatmeal bars, as well as others are combined with vegetables, salads and lean animal protein during the weight loss phases of the program.

There are six different proteins into the foods that give dieters many options and are designed so people with sensitivities to dairy, soy or vegetables may participate. In addition, two dozen foods are certified gluten free. The foods are easy to prepare and can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

Tasha Glander, Detroit Lakes, lost 28 pounds and 48 inches in 11 weeks on the plan. She is also the Ideal weight loss coach at Detroit Lakes Chiropractic Clinic.

"I started the program after being inspired by Dr. Wilson, who introduced me to the program. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have dealt with that along with heartburn for many years.

"Under my doctors supervision I have decreased my medication and no longer have heartburn. The proper combination of carbohydrates and protein and making healthier lifestyle choices has improved my energy level and appetite control."

Dr. Wilson himself lost 40 pounds, and 61 inches, and went from a 40-inch waist to a 34-inch waist on the program.

First time dieters receive a starter kit that includes a variety of Ideal Protein foods.

Dieters are offered an initial consultation at no charge to learn about the program.

The program is strictly offered by licensed and trained medical providers.

For more information, contact Detroit Lakes Chiropractic Clinic at 847-4366.