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Police respond to false report of home invasion in south Fargo

FARGO - Police swarmed into a south Fargo neighborhood this morning after a man reported a home invasion involving a gun, but it was a false report and it appears the caller may have been hallucinating, Lt. Joel Vettel said.

Officers responded at about 7:30 a.m. to the rental duplex at 304 24th St. S. after the man reported that several people had entered his home with a handgun and threatened him, Vettel said. The man said he barricaded himself in his room.

Police set up a perimeter around the house and tried to make contact with those inside. Two men - including the caller - and a woman who live in the duplex eventually came out and spoke with police, and armed officers entered the building and cleared both units, finding no threats, Vettel said.

"It appears the caller may have had some sort of mental illness and possibly had hallucinated the incident," Vettel said.

The incident caused commotion in the neighborhood as children stood outside waiting for school buses and people headed to work.

"That certainly can be alarming for people, but at no time does it appear that any of the public was at risk," Vettel said.

The man who called police will be evaluated for his own safety, Vettel said.