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Picture perfect photo: Photography show coming to mall

AN AVID BIRD AND NATURE photographer, Lee Kensinger helped form a local photographers' group, which is now organizing a photo show in the Washington Square Mall. Everyone is encouraged to submit photographs for the show.

Have you ever captured that perfect shot on vacation? Has anyone said you should share your photographs with others? Do you love to take pictures but never thought they were anything to be displayed in public?

Here's the chance for any and all photographers to show off their best work.

It's not a competition, so there's no need to sweat it or feel judged. It's just for fun.

The first Lakes Area Photography Show is Feb. 25-March 2 in the Washington Square Mall. It is open to anyone wanting to share their photography with others.

"It will be fun because it will bring photographers out of the woodwork," Jim Sinclair said.

The idea sprouted from Lee Kensinger, who enjoys nature photography especially. He started a Facebook page called Detroit Lakes Area Photo Club and "it grew pretty fast," Washington Square Mall Manager Dawn Olson said.

Being on the mall board, Kensinger suggested forming a photo group and hosting a photo show in the mall.

"It was pretty much Lee talking to Dawn about a could we, should we kind of thing," Sinclair said. "When it went from two people to three people, it became a great idea."

After Sinclair joined the group, photographers Brian Basham and Brittney Eischens soon followed.

They meet monthly and hope to get new members to the group through the photography show.

"We just want to expand our interest, see what other people are doing," Sinclair said.

They also plan to do more things online including blogs, contact information, resources, etc.

Photography show details

To submit an entry for the Lakes Area Photography Show, people are allowed up to five photos that are 8x10 inches in size. Photos must be tasteful (no profanity, violence of nudity) and no digitally enhanced elements to the photos.

For the photography show, White Drug is offering half-off the price of 8x10 prints for the show.

Along with the printed photos, create a CD of the pictures and bring it to the Washington Square Mall office or e-mail the photos to The Washington Square Mall reserves the right to use the submitted photos for promotional use and credit will be given to the photographer.

Olson said the electronic photos will be playing on televisions throughout the mall the week of the show and a few days before to "create a little more excitement for the show."

Entries are due by Feb. 15, and photos must be labeled with the photographer's name and photo title.

Photos will be displayed in the mall Feb. 25-March 2, and the public will have the chance to vote on a "Peoples Choice Award" in both the adult and youth categories.

On March 2, there will be various photography seminars throughout the day from 10 a.m. to 2 pm. Freelance photographer Bruce Crummy will be speaking, a roundtable discussion will be held, Ben Franklin employees will give a matting and framing seminar and more.

"We're hoping this is just the start," Sinclair said of the show and the photography group.

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