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BWSR seeking applicants for wetland bank program

The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) is seeking applicants for wetland restoration projects.

     Through a conservation easement sign-up and a request for proposal process, BWSR has approximately $5 million to restore wetlands and their adjacent uplands. Wetland restorations will generate wetland credits, which will be used to offset wetland impacts resulting from qualifying road improvement and rehabilitation projects in Minnesota.

     BWSR is interested in sites which have restorable wetlands or existing degraded wetlands, and:

     Have no legal ownership issues (in foreclosure, ongoing divorce settlement or probate, etc.); have no conflicting easements or legal agreements (mineral rights, wind towers, etc.); and have wetlands that can be reasonably restored without affecting adjacent lands.

     BWSR is restricting the sign-up program and request for proposals to the seven-county metro area and Wetland Bank Service Areas (BSAs) 4, 7, 9, and 10. A map and full list of applicable counties is attached, and available on BWSR’s website.

     The application period began Tuesday, March 12 and continues through May 13. Landowners interested in the easement sign-up program should contact their local soil and water conservation (SWCD) office. The SWCD will help determine if sites are a good fit for the program and work with landowners to complete the application process.

                More information can be found online at, your local SWCD office or by contacting BWSR Wetland Bank Coordinator Ken Powell at or 651-215-1703.