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Lake Park school sold for $201,000

The oldest portion of the former Lake Park-Audubon high school may still be saved. The new owners hope to use the entire building.1 / 2
The old Lake Park-Audubon high school building in Lake Park has been sold to a local investment firm that hopes to work with the city to develop a multi-use facility that includes housing, a community center and more. Photo courtesy of Coldwell Banker Realty2 / 2

At last month’s meeting of the Lake Park-Audubon School Board, the board voted to put the old LP-A High School building and surrounding property up for sale.

Less than four weeks later, the property has been sold.

At a special meeting held on Feb. 6, the school board accepted an offer from Mono Investments to purchase the building and surrounding land for $201,000 — slightly better than the original asking price of $200,000.

It was one of two offers the district had received for the property, though LP-A Superintendent Dale Hogie declined to identify the other bidder.

“This was the best offer of the two we received,” Hogie said.

The purchase of the property will be finalized on May 27.

Larson, who served as the realtor for both the school district and Mono Investments in negotiating the purchase, said that the purchaser was “a local partnership” that is pursuing a joint venture with the City of Lake Park to “repurpose” the building as a multi-use facility.

“Part of it will be remodeled for housing, and then there is hope to work with the City of Lake Park on the relocation of some city offices and things of that nature,” Larson said Monday. “They’re hoping to work hand in hand with the city.”

Some other potential uses for the property may include a community center, where the existing school gymnasium and theater would be made available for public use.

Making part of the facility into a city museum is another possibility, Larson added.

“And there’s been talk of either relocating the softball fields or putting some housing on the old football fields,” which were also part of the purchase, he said.

Though there is a possibility that the oldest part of the high school building, constructed in the 1920s, may need to be demolished, Larson said. “The hope is that it might have some historic value,” and may yet be preserved.

“The focus right now is on repurposing the entire building,” he added.

“It’s a wonderfully positive thing for the city,” said Larson.   “I think the mix of private industry with the public is working very well.”

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