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Spring is here but it's really hard to feel it

Birds are singing, trees are budding, streams are flowing with cool waters and flowers are beginning to bloom. All this may be happening somewhere but certainly not in Minnesota.

Today is the first day of spring but you may never have known that given the mounds of snow outside. It’s the first day of spring merely by the date on the calendar, not by the sights outdoors.

The high forecast for today is 14 degrees, with a low of 9 degrees below zero.

Some may say we’ve been spoiled the last couple years, and that would be no stretch from the truth.

During the last week, the Becker County area has seen multiple inches of snow, blizzards, icy roads, school cancelations, businesses closing due to the weather and a renewed love for long underwear.

Last year during this past week, according to the Grand Forks National Weather Service, the area was actually recording thunderstorms and high temperatures.

“A record warm and muggy airmass resembling early June will continue over the region today … Some storms could be strong to locally severe later this afternoon into early this evening, with the main threats damaging winds and large hail, although an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.”

Last year the National Weather Service was sending out press releases about early drought conditions, why the weather was so warm, spring thaw and record-setting temperatures.

This year those press releases are more about blizzard conditions, late snow and more snow. (Notice the common theme?)

On Sunday, Meteorologist Daryl Ritchison with WDAY television posted on his weather blog that one year ago at this time the temperature was 76 degrees.

“That broke the previous St. Patrick’s Day record of 73 degrees set back in 1968. The following day, March 18, 2012, the high was 78 degrees, which came close to tying the all-time highest recorded temperature for the month of March of 80 degrees set on March 23, 1910.”

The low on March 18 last year was 60 degrees. This year, the low is forecasted to be 9 below zero.

While we may have been spoiled the last couple years and this is more of a “typical” Minnesota winter, how many people aren’t ready for a little spoiled spring weather again instead of what we’re getting?

March also supposedly follows the tale of “in like a lion, out like a lamb,” and vice versa. According to the Weather Channel, it came in as a lamb with highs in the 20s and even the low 30s with no precipitation for several days. But, the lion has certainly reared his ugly head mid-March, so we’ll have to see if he continues his reign as March winds down next week.

Weather predictions for the last week of the month have temperatures reaching into the 40s, so things are looking up.

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