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iPads for older Holy Rosary kids

Holy Rosary students thank Dr. Jeffrey Harvey for his donation that gave the school the ability to buy iPads for students in grades fifth through eighth. Pippi Mayfield/Record

When Advancement Director Terri Paskey got a call from Dr. Jeffrey Harvey that he wanted students at Holy Rosary to have all the opportunities that those in public schools have, she agreed.

When he offered three orthodontist sessions from his practice with Dr. Matthew Ames to raise money for the school to have iPads, she admits she was a little scared of how to raise the money.

But after holding an auction, the school raised about $12,300 and bought 40 iPads for teachers and students in grades 5-8.

In time, the private school plans to purchase iPads for the younger grades as well.

“People have the perception that our school doesn’t always have the bells and whistles or have access to the extras (that public schools do), but we make every opportunity to enhance the learning experience,” Technology Coordinator Nona Willet said.

The iPads, she said, helps “increase the interest level” of the students.

Willet said she has been filling out grants for technology funding at the school, but they were nowhere near what Harvey and Ames’ donation did for the school. She said it was literally an answer to prayer.

Students were able to use the iPads on Thursday for the first time. Willet said that for now the iPads will just be used at the school and not brought home out of sensitivity and fairness for those who don’t have Internet capabilities at home.

Working up to getting the iPads in the student’s hands though, she said she made a model for each grade level and synced the iPads for those in that grade level for what the teachers and students will likely need for studying and researching.

While it was a great surprise to be able to get a donation that would purchase 40 iPads, Paskey and Willet said Harvey’s generosity isn’t a surprise. He has donated his orthodontist services in the past to raise money for the school fundraisers.

“He does a lot for schools,” Paskey said.

And now, thanks to Harvey and Ames, the kids can do a lot more.

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