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Students to perform piano recital May 22

Jorgenson Music Studio piano students will present a recital Wednesday May 22, at 7 p.m. in Trinity Lutheran Church, Detroit Lakes.

Students performing include Rhyen Pettit, Elianna Steffl, Clara and Freddie Robin, Catherine Henderson, Matthew Andresen, Jon Stone, Della, Preston and Gigi Ni, Azylen and Brycen Lunak, Livia and Adrianna Brehm, Hallie and Byron VanGerpen, Shelby Busker, Sydney Stewart, Brea Knutson, Carly Fritz, Anna Schumacher, Connie Wood and April Spaeth.

Certificates of Achievement for State Finalists in the MMTA Competitions   will be presented to

  • Pre-Primary – Rhyen Pettit
  • Jr. A –  Hallie VanGerpen, Livia Brehm, Jon Stone, Gigi Ni
  • Jr. B – Adrianna Brehm, Shelby Busker
  • Int. A – Byron VanGerpen, Anna Schumacher
  • State Contest Winner: Anna Schumacher
  • Alternate: Adrianna Brehm

Students earning MMTA certificates: 

  • Theory Exam: Level I – Shelby Busker, Brycen Lunak, Gigi Ni, Sydney Stewart
  • Piano Exam: Prep – Della Ni
  • Level 1 — Azylen Lunak, Preston Ni, Hallie VanGerpen
  • Level 2 — Livia Brehm, Jon Stone
  • Level 3 – Gigi Ni
  • Level 5 (June 1): Anna Schumacher
  • Level 8 — April Spaeth
  • Music Bridges:  Brea Knutson
  • Challenge Awards  Ribbons — Della Ni, Preston Ni
  • Bronze Star – Azlyn Lunak, Gigi Ni, Sydney Stewart, Hallie VanGerpen, Byron VanGerpen
  • Silver Star – Adrianna Brehm, Shelby Busker, Jon Stone, Anna Schumacher

Instructor Anne Jorgenson is certified by the Minnesota Music Teachers Association and teaches at Holy Rosary School, Trinity Lutheran Church and at her home on Fox Lake.