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DWI Court accepting referrals in White Earth

The White Earth Nation and Mahnomen County DWI Court is a volunteer, 18- to 24-month program.  It is designed to serve adult (18 years or older), repeat and non-violent, DWI offenders.

After being charged with a first or second degree DWI, and within the boundaries of the White Earth Nation, defendants have the option for a legal screening by the prosecuting and defense attorney for DWI Court. 

If eligible and in agreement, the attorney’s may make a joint motion to the court. At which time, if accepted, the judge will make a referral for a Rule 25, and refer to DWI Court.

The DWI Court Team will then review the recommendations. If all personal and offense criteria are met and there are no disqualifying criteria the defendant may be accepted into DWI Court.

DWI Court participants have goals and a treatment plan and are subject to intense, weekly supervision and monitoring. The DWI Team meets bi-weekly, or as needed, to examine and update case management strategies. 

Sanctions and incentives are used to modify behaviors. There are up to 4 Phases to complete.  The cost is $400.  The participants’ weekly progress determines the rate of advancement, and on to graduate. 

In addition to sobriety, successful participants will become accountable, responsible, have employment and/or continuing education.

The goals of the White Earth Nation/Mahnomen County DWI Court are:

  • To promote community safety and well-being
  • To rehabilitate and enhance the well-being of DWI court participants
  • To reduce expenditures associated with criminal behavior and to conserve justice system resources and
  • To engage community education and awareness of the cycle of alcohol dependency and the role of the DWI Court in providing public safety solutions.

This program is made possible by the members of the multi-disciplinary collaborative and a grant from The Office of Traffic Safety, Minnesota Department of Public Safety and a donation from Thielen Motors, Park Rapids. For more information contact the DWI Court coordinator and case manager at 218-983-3285 Ext. 5773 or