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Smiths coming to speak at Community Alliance Church

For over four decades, Craig and LaDonna Smith and The Smith Family ministry team have been bringing the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people all across North America and to over a dozen countries worldwide. 

On one of those trips the lives of this Native American ministry team almost came to a horrific end. 

Area residents have an opportunity to hear their amazing story of survival and hope as they speak and sing at Community Alliance Church, Detroit Lakes, on June 9 at 8, 9:30 and 11 a.m. services.

The Smith’s lives were changed dramatically in June 2009, when they were involved in a near fatal auto accident in northern New Mexico.  LaDonna suffered a C-1 neck fracture, which in most instances is fatal, or, if survived, results in total paralysis. The fact that she is walking and suffers minor effects is a testament to the miraculous grace and power of God.

Craig suffered multiple injuries that took him right through death’s door. After being resuscitated he was airlifted to a Level One Trauma Center in Albuquerque, where he clung to life for several months. 

After being in a coma for almost two months and undergoing 21 surgeries, Craig began a long healing process that continues to this day. He continues to be primarily confined to a wheelchair, but that confinement is only physical.

While he and LaDonna continue to heal from their injuries they continue to share the hope that they have found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people have been impacted through their remarkable story.

Their mission’s mandate, reaching the lost in our tribes and helping everyday believers become everyday spiritual rescuers in their tribes, explains clearly their passion to both be light in a dark world, and help equip others to be a light in the places God has placed them in.

Craig and his father, Ray Smith, are members of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe Indians, and LaDonna is a Navajo from the American Southwest. Together, they have impacted audiences with their gospel music renditions and their public speaking events.

Learn more of their ministry and story of hope and faith at their website