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DNR urges patience before tree cutting after massive fire

An aerieal view show the dramatic impact of the Green Valley Fire that swept across more than 7,000 acres in May. The cause of the fire continues to be under investigation. JEAN RUZICKA/FORUM NEWS SERVICE

Logging is underway following the May 14 fire that burned 7,100 acres in Hubbard, Wadena and Becker counties, area DNR Forestry supervisor Mark Carlstrom reports.

But he’s stressing patience before cutting regarding trees impacted by the blaze.

About half the conifers with brown needles that he’s surveyed are showing healthy buds forming, he said. “They are looking good.” But those with no needles, and no buds, are likely “cooked,” he diagnosed.

“Be patient,” he said.

Some with black bark may survive. After last year’s fire in Nimrod, many had predicted the trees’ demise.

“But they are green this year. There’s hope yet.”

Young aspen that aren’t leafing may not survive, but the trees are fire dependent and will send up shoots from the roots, he said.

He recommends giving mature aspen another week or two.

“Trees are very resilient,” Carlstrom said.

And another factor is genetics, which affect the timing of leafing. A given group of trees with the same genes may be on a different leafing “schedule” than counterparts down the road.

The cause of the Green Valley Fire continues to be under investigation, Carlstrom said.

A meeting to discuss fundraising options for those impacted by the fire will be held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 12, at the Menahga High School media center.

The initiative is regional, with representation from those outside Menahga welcome.

Information can be found at or e-mail