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East Grand Forks mobile home blaze put out

EAST GRAND FORKS -- Officers used fire extinguishers to knock down flames shooting from underneath an East Grand Forks mobile home Tuesday afternoon.

"I wouldn't say it was completely gone, but we certainly stunted its growth," said Sgt. Michelle Manias, who responded to the call with Officer Tony Reznicek.

Homeowner Richard Hernandez said his children were inside when the fire started but got out safely.

The damage was limited to beneath the home that sits at Fifth Avenue and 17th Street Northeast.

"There was a little bit of smoke inside, but it doesn't look like much at all," East Grand Forks Fire Chief Randy Gust said.

In fighting the blaze, firefighters removed the metal skirting along the base of the double-wide mobile home and overhauled the structure, looking for hot spots.

The fire may have been started by heat tape that's meant to keep water pipes from freezing, Gust said.

The chief put the cost of the damage at about $2,000.