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Fargo dump truck clips railroad underpass; accident blocks downtown street

FARGO - A Fargo Public Works dump truck whose driver didn't put the box all the way down after dumping a load of snow clipped a railroad underpass this morning, blocking a downtown street during morning commute.

The accident happened about 7 a.m. on Second Street North at the Burlington Northern Railroad overpass between 4th and 6th avenues.

A Public Works driver was finishing his night shift and had just dumped his last load for the day at the city's snow dump ground just to the southeast of the overpass, said Lee Anderson, Public Works maintenance supervisor.

"Our guy obviously came out of here and didn't get the box all the way down and clipped the underpass," he said.

The impact tore the box off the truck. Public Works crews loaded the box onto a trailer, and the overpass was still closed at 8:30 a.m.

Burlington Northern officials inspected the underpass, and there was no significant damage, Anderson said.

He said he hopes the truck can be repaired.

"(It's) not very often we're doing something that we don't have something in the shop," he said. "I mean, this is a little dis-appointing. These are the ones that you don't have a lot of good answers for, but it happens."

The truck's driver was shaken up but not injured, he said.