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Snowmobiler falls, gets hit by second snowmobile

A man was run over by his friend while the two were snowmobiling in Becker County Sunday evening, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

DNR District Supervisor Brian Kuphal said the two 28-year-olds were snowmobiling on County Highway 40 east of Wolf Lake when the first one fell off the snowmobile and was hit by his friend.

"The powdery snow and that kind of stuff just kind of blinded the second person," he added.

The injured man was identified as Derrick Greenfeather. He suffered cuts and bruises and was transported to the Park Rapids hospital for further evaluations and treatment.

A conservation officer from Wadena County responded to the accident that was reported at 5:51 p.m. Sunday.

The second snowmobiler has not been identified.