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Man and woman found dead in Ogema identified

Authorities have released the names of two people found dead in their Ogema home early Sunday morning.

41-year-old Torrance Coady and 25-year-old Brenda Keezer appeared to have died from a prescription drug overdose, according to Becker County Sheriff Tim Gordon.

Authorities were called to the residence at about 1 a.m. Sunday, where they found Coady, Keezer and their bottles of prescription drugs.

"We do know that the prescription amounts didn't match with what was there," said Gordon, "There was less than what there should have been according to the prescription."

Gordon says investigators from the sheriff's department, White Earth Tribal Police Department and Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension all independently came to the same preliminary conclusion -- that the cause of death appears to be an overdose.

There's no word as to what kind of prescriptions the victims were taking, but authorities do believe it was accidental.

"It doesn't look like the overdose was intentional, but were they trying to get an extra high? One would assume," said Gordon.

No foul play is suspected at this time.

"Four reasons for that," said Gordon, "One -- no forced entry, two -- not any signs of physical violence, three -- the pharmaceuticals that were there and four -- their previous history that we're aware of."

However, the investigation remains open until the preliminary autopsy results are in, which should be any day.

Gordon says Keezer is from the Ogema area, while Coady is originally from Canada, most recently from Fargo.

They only recently moved in together.