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CRIMES and Accidents

The following items were taken from reports at the Detroit Lakes Police Department and Becker County Sheriff's Department:

Monday, Dec. 2

• At 4:40 p.m. a woman reported two adults with three small children were walking on thin ice on Little Detroit Lake. The responding officer was unable to locate them.

• At 4:04 p.m. a man reported the theft of a Mac 16-inch laptop computer in a briefcase stolen from the vicinity of Forest Hills golf course. The brief case also contained financial papers.

Tuesday, Dec. 3

• At 1:50 a.m. officers responded to Zorbaz, where a 27-year-old man had been evicted and was struggling with bar employees. The man said he hadn't punched anybody but had been put into a headlock by bar employees. He was warned about the trespass law.

• At 1:58 a.m. Detroit Lakes Transportation reported an illegal taxi operating in town. The unlicensed taxi was allegedly operated by a 46-year-old Ottertail man.

• At 3:07 a.m. Pit 611 reported that a group of people from a party bus stole a gumball machine. It was later returned.

• At 7:07 a.m. a Shell Lake man on the 24000 block of County Road 39 reported a break-in to his recording studio.

• At 9:34 a.m. a Walmart employee reported a man huffing paint outside near a stack of empty pallets. The 52-year-old man was arrested for being a public nuisance.

Wednesday, Dec. 4

• At 4:59 a.m. windows were reported broken at the fire hall in Ogema.

• At 6:22 p.m. a fire was reported in an abandoned house in Pine Point. Fires have occurred there before. Carsonville firefighters were there for several hours and let the building burn.

Thursday, Dec. 5

• At 9:50 a.m. a construction company reported that last weekend an extension ladder had been stolen from a downtown Detroit Lakes construction site, and this past weekend 40 12-foot two-by four boards were stolen.