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Suspect cuts himself in Hubbard County courtroom, transported to hospital

This suspect was taken by ambulance to the Park Rapids hospital following an unsuccessful suicide attempt Wednesday morning in the Hubbard County Courthouse. (Sarah Smith / Enterpris

A Hubbard County suspect was rushed to the Park Rapids hospital Wednesday morning after he apparently tried to injure himself in the courtroom just before 11 a.m.

North Memorial Ambulance personnel wheeled the man out on a gurney to a waiting ambulance.

The man was conscious, but wincing in pain. Initially he was thought to be an inmate, but he was wearing street clothes, not jail orange scrubs. He was taken a few blocks away to St. Joseph's Area Health Services.

Personnel on the scene said he tried to cut himself. Sheriff Cory Aukes said he was told the man was remanded into custody immediately and didn't want to go to jail.