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Barnesville man charged in hit-and-run

MOORHEAD - A 31-year-old Barnesville, Minn., man is charged in Clay County District Court with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly trying to run over another man with a car.

According to a court complaint:

Barnesville police responded to a hit-and-run report the evening of Nov. 15.

The victim, who was found in an alley, told police he was in the alley because his wife was going there to return a phone to a man named Jason Michael Olson, with whom she was having an affair. He said his wife was in the processing of ending the affair.

The victim said he was there to make sure his wife encountered no problems.

The victim told police that when Olson arrived, Olson drove his car toward him, striking him and sending him rolling over the top of Olson's car.

The victim's wife said she threw the phone at Olson and he drove away.

Questioned by police, Olson said he was saying good-bye to a woman he had been having an affair with when the victim showed up and threatened to kill him.

Olson said the man, who is bigger than he is, jumped on the hood of his car as he drove toward the man.