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Out-of-control SUV leaves trail of wreckage in downtown Duluth

An SUV rests on the sidewalk along Superior Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues west in downtown Duluth on Sunday night as bystanders look on in the background. The SUV hit several light poles, a mailbox and a trash can after the driver lost control; no serious injuries were reported. Andrew Krueger / Forum Communications

DULUTH, Minn. - An SUV left a trail of wreckage along a block of West Superior Street on Sunday night, striking several street lights, a garbage can and a mailbox along a stretch of sidewalk.

A Duluth firefighter confirmed that it appeared there were no serious injuries, but the Ford Explorer smashed at least three decorative light posts and made a mess between Fourth and Fifth avenues West at about 7:20 p.m.

Police officers, paramedics and others could be seen comforting several children at the scene, as several dozen bystanders looked on. A man was handcuffed and placed in a waiting squad car; there was no immediate word on what if any charges the SUV's driver or anyone else might face.

Eyewitnesses said a man and woman were in the front seats of the SUV, and three children in the back seat. The witnesses said the Explorer was traveling westbound at a high rate of speed, may have cut in front of another car and then lost control at about Fourth Avenue West before it went up onto the broad sidewalk.

There was no immediate official word on the circumstances of the crash from Duluth police. Roads and sidewalks in the area did not appear to be icy at the time of the crash.

Duluth police officers and Minnesota State Patrol troopers interviewed witnesses and the people who had been in the Explorer, and crime scene tape was put up to keep passersby out of the debris.