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Oil well blowout reported near Lake Sakakawea

PARSHALL, N.D. - An oil well blowout was reported about a half mile from Lake Sakakawea, but information available so far indicates the lake has not been compromised, said Alison Ritter, spokeswoman for the Department of Mineral Resources.

The blowout began Wednesday afternoon at a well about nine miles west of Parshall, Ritter said. A well control team continues to work at the scene this morning, Ritter said, along with Department of Mineral Resources inspectors and other officials.

"From what I've been told, the lake has not been compromised," Ritter said.

The oil well, operated by a company called Slawson, is on confidential status, so Ritter said she's unable to disclose the cause of the blowout or the amount of oil that was spilled.

The Lake Sakakawea Spill Response Team has been notified, Ritter said.

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