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Man's vehicle hits runaway cow

A Detroit Lakes man escaped serious injury after colliding at 65 mph with a cow on Highway 10 in Detroit Lakes Tuesday morning.

James Jenson, 62, was on his way to work about 6:20 a.m. Tuesday when his vehicle hit a black angus cow.

The large cow rolled over the hood and roof of Jenson's passenger car and smashed in the roof, according to the Detroit Lakes Police Department. The car was a complete loss.

Detroit Lakes Police Officer Joe Steffens told KDLM Radio that the accident could easily have been fatal.

Jenson suffered only minor injures from broken glass and refused medical attention.

The accident occurred on westbound Highway 10 near the Detroit Lakes city sign on the east side of town.

Around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning Detroit Lakes police received a report of a black cow wondering around the Amtrak station. Police had attempted to located and corner the cow, but were unsuccessful. The cow's owner wasn't identified.