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Woman charged with stealing cables

A Fergus Falls woman is set to make her first appearance Monday in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of receiving stolen property.

Shirley Ann Bunnis, 51, of 428 W. Alcott, Fergus Falls, is accused of taking more than $2,600 in power cables from Anderson Gravel Company during the evening hours of Aug. 12-13.

The company reported the theft of a large amount of ¾-inch power cables with copper wires running through them. Bunnis’ alleged involvement was discovered when someone attempted to sell about 400 pounds of copper wire at Wadena Hide and Fur.

The registration on the car that the person used to drive there was traced to a residence in Becker County, where some power cables were found in a pile by a fire pit. The cables appeared to match the description of the ones that had been stolen.

The owner of the residence said that a relative of his had asked to borrow his pickup that day, and to bring some cables there so they could burn off the casings and sell the wire.  Tire tracks found at Anderson Gravel appeared to match the pickup’s tires as well.