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Landowner south of Sabin discovers what Clay authorities believe is a mobile meth lab

A landowner walking a windbreak Tuesday south of Sabin, Minn., in preparation for deer hunting found what authorities believe was a mobile methamphetamine lab. Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist said drug users are going back to making the drug themselves because supplies are dwindling due to arrests and seizures of manufactured meth. (Dave Olson/The Forum)

SABIN - A landowner south of Sabin discovered this morning what Clay County authorities believe to be a mobile methamphetamine lab.

Landowner Richard Schenck phoned authorities today after finding an Igloo cooler and other items in a windbreak in a farm field south of Sabin that Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist said appear to make up part of a meth lab.

Schenck said about three weeks ago he noticed a white car near the spot. The car left when the driver noticed that Schenck had noticed him, he said.

The Sheriff's Department said the items, which appear to include anhydrous ammonia and lighter fluid, may have been abandoned at the site.

Bergquist said mobile labs are apparently becoming more common as the supply of meth dries up due to arrests and seizures.

The Clay County Sheriff's Department and Sabin Fire are currently on scene. A private contractor will come out and dispose of what is considered hazardous material.