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Fargo police investigating reports of children being approached by strangers

FARGO - Fargo police are investigating a number of incidents in recent weeks in which someone approached children near two schools and spoke to them in a suspicious or inappropriate manner.

The first incident occurred Dec. 11 near Lewis and Clark school.

A white male driving a green car approached an 8-year-old girl and made lewd comments to the girl as well as a lewd gesture.

On Monday, two 7-year-old boys were approached by a male driving a newer dark blue truck in the area of Lewis and Clark.

The driver, described as a white male with brown hair, asked the boys to hop in.

On Thursday, two juvenile males were approached near Carl Ben Eielson by a white male thought to be in his 20s with short brown or black hair and driving a red vehicle.

The man asked the juveniles if they wanted to receive money for helping him with snow removal.

Fargo said the incidents should serve as a reminder to parents to talk to their children about making safe decisions, avoiding strangers and reporting any suspicious activity to their parents or teachers.

Anyone with information about the incidents or others is asked to contact Fargo police.