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1,000-pound escaped heifer leads police, 'posse' on slow-speed chase through New York Mills

A runaway heifer, which got loose while being unloaded from a trailer at the Mills Locker Plant, makes its way along a sidewalk on Gillman Street heading east. After a pursuit by the police department and volunteers, the heifer was destroyed and returned to the locker plant.

NEW YORK MILLS. - A slow-speed chase involving an escaped heifer, a New York Mills police officer, and a hastily-formed posse created some excitement throughout town Monday evening.

The heifer, which got loose while being loaded into the locker plant, eluded authorities for about an hour before the Black Angus #505 met its demise with a single shot to the head. But not before the 1,000-pound beast shattered a window at the bank and led officer Sedrick Borsgard and a number of vigorous volunteers across town through yards, and along streets and sidewalks.

The chase began when the heifer fled the locker plant and headed west, breaking a window at Farmers & Merchants State Bank before turning north on Walker. It crossed through the intersection of Walker and Gillman, where it came dangerously close to kids riding bicycles on the street, before ducking into the cover of trees behind a group of houses. The beast, which by then was bleeding from the mouth, showed its face again and strolled at a steady pace along the sidewalk in front of First Congregational United Church of Christ before turning southeast through backyards and toward Smith Park.

One couple, who live on Broadway, reported the cow walked past them as they sat on their back deck enjoying some evening refreshments.

Officer Borsgard, along with a number of other vehicles carrying young men who volunteered to help corral the runaway beast, continued the pursuit across town. And, in one tense showdown between the fugitive and the law, Borsgard reported the heifer charged him and grazed his side. Borsgard was not injured and later laughed off the incident.

The heifer was finally stopped at the edge of town just east of Trinity Lutheran Church. As it emerged from some trees in a yard and headed toward the road, a group of young men who had joined the pursuit quickly took care of the problem. As the 1,000-pound heifer charged him, one civilian sharp-shooter dropped the beast with a single shot. Borsgard arrived shortly after and terminated the heifer with a shotgun slug.

There were no injuries reported during the incident. NYM Police Chief Jason Hoaby, who was not on duty during the pursuit, jokingly said they have the heifer on attempted burglary, fleeing an officer, and 4th degree assault.

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