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Threat to confiscate alluring photo sends Wadena man into rage

WADENA - A Wadena man faces two counts of fifth-degree assault after a staff member at a residential living facility where he lives told him he couldn't possess a picture of "an older woman in a seductive bathing suit."

The incident started when Thomas Steven Allen Snook, 21, asked a staff member if she wanted to see a picture of his girlfriend, court records said. Snook produced the alluring photo, and the staff member told Snook she would have to report the violation. Snook has an Aug. 26, 2008 conviction for third-degree criminal sexual conduct, and is restricted from possessing pornographic materials.

When Snook was told the photograph would be taken away, he began "freaking out," court records said, including pacing, yelling, cursing, and trying to gain entry into the living facility's office, where staff members had locked themselves inside because they were afraid of Snook.

The incident started around 10:20 p.m. on May 25 and lasted until about 2 a.m.

Snook was interviewed by police after the incident, and according to court records, he said he "wasn't mad, but 'in a rage' that evening." Snook said he goes into a rage and has blackouts.