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Ponsford man gets prison time for assault

Randy Lee Kettle, 27, of Box 111, 2311 465th Ave., Ponsford has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for felony assault.

According to court records, on June 6 in the new projects area of Pine Point, he and another man beat a third man, causing two serious cuts to his face and leaving him unable to walk or stand. He was treated at the Park Rapids hospital.

On Monday, Becker County District Judge Joe Evans sentenced Kettle to 29 months in prison and ordered him to pay a $50 fine plus court fees from his prison pay.

Kettle was also sentenced to 23 months in prison on a charge of felony escape. The time will be served concurrently.

According to court records, he was in jail on the assault charge and was granted furlough to attend a funeral on July 9. He failed to return to jail that day as ordered.

He was also fined $50 plus court fees on the escape conviction, to be taken from prison earnings.