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Two rural Hubbard County males arraigned on animal cruelty charges

Andrew James1 / 2
Dustin Lee Kako2 / 2

PARK RAPIDS -- Kirsten Evavold sat quietly through Hubbard County District Court proceedings Monday.

Like all crime victims, she wanted to see justice done. She vows to follow the cases that affect her through to the end.

But unlike others affected by crime, it is the Evavolds' dogs Kirsten wants justice for.

Two neighborhood men in her rural Hubbard County subdivision, Andrew James, 23, and Dustin Kako, 21, were arraigned on animal cruelty charges Monday for allegedly killing another neighbor's dog with a rifle and shooting Evavold's English Lab Jake with a bow and arrow last fall. Jake recovered.

The family's other Lab, Buck, had to be put down. Initially thought to have been poisoned, Buck was euthanized due to a severe beating he received, Kirsten said.

No charges have been filed in that case.

Kirsten Evavold said she will rally neighbors and relatives to call attention to the cases and make sure the defendants are punished.

An omnibus hearing for both men is set for Feb. 8 in Park Rapids.