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Wadena man jailed for threats, assault

A Wadena man was charged April 7 with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and terroristic threats for threatening the life of a woman -- and his dog -- during an alleged drinking binge.

On April 5 around 8:10 p.m., a sheriff's deputy and a Wadena police officer responded to a call of a man threatening to kill a woman at a residence on 155th Avenue.

When officers arrived, they witnessed Stewart James Fischer, 52, standing in the kitchen, waving his hands around and yelling. The officers asked Fischer to step outside and talk to them. He said he had been arguing with the woman about finances because he had just been laid off from his job. The officers noticed he smelled of alcohol and asked him if he had been drinking, and he responded, "Do I have to answer that?"

The woman said Fischer had been drinking continuously from the evening of April 4 through the night of April 5. She said on a trip to Long Prairie at noon on the 5th, he picked up a case of beer, and had drank that by 5 p.m. and bought another. When the two arrived back at the residence on 155th Avenue, she said Fischer went "berserk, yelling and screaming," according to court records. She said he went into a bedroom and came out with a Winchester .20 gauge shotgun in one hand and shells in the other hand, and threatened to shoot both she and the dog, claiming they were "worthless," court records said. The woman told authorities this type of behavior was typical when Fischer was drinking.

When he was placed under arrest and put in the squad car, Fischer punched at the vehicle's windows and yelled at the officers. The woman told the officers, "You think this is bad, you should see him when you're not here and it's just me," court records said.

A breathalyzer test showed Fischer had a 0.243 blood alcohol content, the court complaint said.

Cash bail was set at $1,500 with court conditions or $15,000 without. His first court appearance was set for April 13.